Mammoth Hospital Board Members Are Elected

Several citizens have commented to us that it seems like Mammoth Hospital Board members never run for office but, instead, become mysteriously appointed year after year. Yes and no.mammoth_hospital.jpg

Officials looked into this for us and found that three board members' terms are up November of this year. That means those three seats are up for election. They are currently held by Don Sage, Helen Shepherd and Dan Wright. The seats held by Lynda Salcido and Jack Copeland expire in November of 2010.

Nancy Hilmo, assistant to the hospital board, noted that board seats are rarely contested, so it may seem to the public that board members are never elected. Fact is – they are – every 4 years unless a members leaves before the end of a term. In that case, an appointee fills out the term.

The recent controversy over employees' support to hire interim CEO Ed Matthews and the Board's refusal to do so focused attention on the Mammoth Hospital Board, policies, employee morale and finances.

The new CEO, Gary Boyd, from the Walnut Creek area, starts next month.

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