IMG 0042Mammoth Hospital announces the completed installation last week of a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, features no ionizing radiation, (such as x-ray) only magnetic fields and radio frequency to produce highly detailed images of the body. It specializes in soft tissues and is the imaging modality of choice for many conditions and body parts.

Many of the features of the new scanner are designed to increase patient comfort and relaxation during what, for some, can be a stressful exam. The new 71 cm wide bore allows large patients to be scanned with ease. The tube is also very short in length, so the feeling of going in a tunnel is minimized. Claustrophobic patients may find they don’t need medication to get through an exam.

Body parts can also be off-center meaning more comfortable scans for extremities. The scanner has also been designed with more space between the patient and the inside of the bore, and features a vacuum enclosure around the Super Slim Gradient Coil, which greatly reduces the scan noise. Using “Pianissimo Zen Quiet Sequences” further reduces noise to just above ambient noise level, making for a much easier and more comfortable scan. In some studies, the noise was reduced by 99%. Another feature is the ability to capture a large block of data and reprocess it, which can shorten exam times significantly.

A soothing, back-lit mural featuring a forest and sky will put patients at ease. Patients are encouraged to bring their own music CD or phone playlist to listen to during the scan.

Overall image quality will be greatly improved over the older scanners as this MRI features the newest technology available. An additional software package will enable orthopedic doctors to evaluate cartilage health and perform extensive calculations and modeling. This will be of significant interest to any athlete concerned about knee health. Some other features include “Ultrashort Echo Time” (UTE) which allows the scanner to capture structures that would otherwise move too quickly, like lungs. And, in musculoskeletal work, UTE allows clinicians to see small structures like connective tissue, fibrosis, tendons meniscus, ligaments, and osteochondral unions.

“The new Canon Titan is a great tool for our patients, in providing enhanced capability and comfort. We are very proud that our Hospital Board has invested in this new technology for the betterment of the health of our community at large,” says Medical Imaging Manager, Kevin Larsen.

To celebrate the advanced capabilities that this new high-tech medical imaging equipment provides, Mammoth Hospital’s Radiology Department is planning a public open house to be held Monday, December 16th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The event is free and open to everyone and will feature tours, information, food and refreshments.

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