Mammoth Hires Private Investigator on Bear Matters

Town of Mammoth officials have hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of ongoing problems between Mammoth Police Chief Randy Schienle and Bear specialist Steve Searles.

Mammoth Town Manager Rob Clark said “this is not a situation in which formal allegations of wrongdoing have been made.” He said the Town hired a private investigator who specializes in helping towns deal with problems. Clark said the investigator will come in and help clear the air.

The investigator will specifically look into relations between Police Chief Schienle and Searles. Manager Clark said he could not comment on the problems.

Meanwhile, Searles has no firm deal with the town for bear services which has created an awkward position in light of network media calls Searles has received following the big Los Angeles Times story about him this week.

Searles said he’s had a lot of calls from network TV. He said one network wants to do a weekly show out of Mammoth about co-existing with bears. News shows want to cover Mammoth’s bears and Steve, so does Good Morning America.

Searles said in regard to ongoing difficulties, he has no firm position with the Town. Searles declined to comment on problems with the police chief, but he did say he has great respect and affection for the officers and staff at the police department, where he had work for a number of year.


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