Mammoth High School Gymnasium Floor Fundraiser

Mammoth High School has a wonderful gymnasium, but the gym floor has never been up to top standards. A fundraiser effort spearheaded by Tim Alpers is underway to install a new floor at the Huskies’ gym.

Ryan Harris and Lou and Mark Margulies put together this promotional video.


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  1. Andy October 23, 2014 at 6:38 am #

    If anyone with Mammoth HS is looking for some additional fundraising ideas, I suggest checking out BoosterShot ( They have a unique set of fundraising products that our community loves to support. Our HS Booster Club has been using them for awhile now, and we typically raise between $7K-$10K every year. They are very hands-on and always work hard to ensure we meet our fundraising goals.


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