Mammoth Firefighter of the Year

At the close of 2010, members of the Mammoth Lakes Firefighter Association took time to celebrate the service they gave to


Mammoth Firefighter of the year, Jose Garcia

the community. Members of the team chose the Firefighter of the Year during the celebrations. He is Jose Garcia.

Fire officials said that each year a group of previously selected members evaluates all of the fire department members, their actions throughout their careers and determines who exemplifies the characteristics most desirable of the title.

Jose Garcia, who is 49, has been a member of the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department since 1994. Officials said that he has balanced a full time job and family life while excelling in his activities with the Fire Department. Garcia has maintained his status as a fully qualified firefighter and has consistently volunteered for special projects and activities. Officials said that he has also lent his very valuable talent of bilingual capabilities to fire department activities.

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