Mammoth Fire Department on dangers of heavy snow

As the snow piles up in Mammoth Lakes so does the potential for real danger. The Mammoth Lakes Fire Department has snowonrooflaid out the concerns.

Thom Heller, Fire Marshall, named accumulation of large amounts of snow and ice on roofs, blockage of vents for heating and hot water appliances, and maintenance of propane tanks as the main points of risk.

Excess snow loads on roofs sometimes cause exterior or interior doors not to open or close easily. Snow load can cause cracks or bulging in walls, bowing in timbers of ceilings and walls. Sometimes there are no signs at all before the collapse of a roof. The fire department recommends that you hire a professional to remove the snow.

If snow blocks vents, this can cause a build up of deadly carbon monoxide inside. Also, the top of your propane tank and regulator need to be routinely dug out for access. All exterior gas pipes should be exposed. Snow an pipe sections can cause them to crack and leak.

All around Mammoth, watch for snow and icicles that may fall from roofs. Also, fire code requires that all bedrooms have two means of exiting. Even if snow has piled up over your windows, don’t put up plywood to block the windows as an exit.

Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street for emergencies. The Fire Department asks that individuals shovel out the fire hydrant close to your home. All of this saves time when emergencies hit.
For more info, call the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department at 934-2300.

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