Mammoth Emergency Volunteers Meet

In Mammoth the newly founded Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) held their first general meeting this week. This group of community volunteers will be called on to assist professional emergency workers in case of a major incident like an earthquake or wildfire.

A total of 38 volunteers have been trained so far, explained Mammoth Police Lt. Jim Short, with another CERT class tentatively scheduled for late July or early August.

Lt. Short explained that CERT members are trained to first take care of themselves and their families during a major emergency so that they can then help the police and fire fighters, and other emergency workers.

CERT members are also trained to help out with some search and rescue efforts and mass evacuation efforts if a wildfire threatens the town. Upon graduation from the 24 hours of CERT training, membes receive a hard hat, gloves, CERT hat, tools to shut off the gas and water to a home and other items useful for an emergency, Lt. Short explained.

Its not just emergencies that will call the CERT members into action. Lt. Short says that members may also be called on to help with traffic control for events like the Fourth of July Parade or the Crowley fireworks show this summer.

The first general meeting of the CERT was this week, from here on the group will meet every third Monday of the month. Lt. Short is still looking for more members. For more information, give him a call at 934-2011 extension 44.


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