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Eastern Sierra News for June 13, 2024





Between October and December, Mono Narcotic Agents arrested 25 people in the Mammoth area for crimes related to the sales of narcotics and counterfeit identification.

Since this story first aired, Sierrawave has received numerous requests for the list of names of those arrested in this long and involved investigation.

Starting in October, the Mono Narcotic Enforcement ran a series of undercover operations, sting operations, and covert surveillance in Mammoth. By posing as buyers, Officers report making dozens of controlled drug buys over the course of the investigation.

While 25 people have been arrested in this sweep, the investigations continue, leading Mono Narcotic Officers that we have spoken with to be hesitant to give out all the names of those arrested until the investigation wraps up.

Officers did say that three or four of the suspects may have valid paperwork to be in the United States but over 20 are Mexican Nationals. One person arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine is 28 year old Mammoth resident Allana Beth Melander. After a warrant was served at her residence, Officers say Melander was charged with possession of methamphetamine for sale.

With the investigation ongoing, officers would also not say whether this was a loose string of related crimes, or an organized gang effort.