Mammoth Dog Teams Look To Supervisors For Relief

The fate of the Mammoth Dog Teams is in the hands of the Mono Supervisors as the board gets ready to discuss the lease on the old sheriff substation south of Mammoth which is the current home of the Mammoth Dog Teams. The Board will deal with the dogs Tuesday, March 16th.

Jim Ouimet, the owner of the Mammoth Dog Teams says, If I lose the lease, were done, adding there is no place else to go.

To house his sled dogs, Ouimet has leased the old sheriff substation south of Mammoth from Mono County. Ouimet started renting month to month after a five year lease expired in 2008. Since that time there have been accusations that Ouimet violated terms of the lease by entering and sometimes living inside the building. The county contends that the building is not habitable and that terms of the lease allowed the kennels to operate outside but no one was allowed inside the building.

Ouimet says that his business is the southern most dog sled outfit in the United States, that until recently, operated the only dog sled museum in the lower 48 states. Ouimet took the museum out during the recent dust up with the county over the lease issue.

At the meeting Tuesday, long term county plans for the building are up for consideration, and staff has prepared the supervisors with a long list of options for the building that include a continued lease.

The Mono Supervisors are set to hold a special meeting in Mammoth on Tuesday at the Mono Supervisors room on the third floor of the Sierra Center Mall in Mammoth Lakes. Ouimet says that this item is expected to start at 1:00 pm.


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