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To rumors that he wants to monopolize the marijuana dispensary business, Steve Klassen of Mammoth Lakes said that he does not want a monopoly and, in fact, had suggested three permits for Mammoth. Klassen said, “We definitely need multiple dispensaries.”

steve_klassesn_12-16Of course, the question of any dispensaries at all will apparently rest with a public vote in June in Mammoth Lakes. If dispensaries do go forward in Mammoth, officials in other towns of the Eastern Sierra believe their citizens will shop for marijuana in Mammoth and may push for dispensaries in their own neighborhoods. The debate promises to spill over into the new year.

Klassen admits he’s leading the charge for dispensaries. He said there have proBably been 20 different people who have told him they’re thinking about it, but Klassen is doing the work toward an ordinance and the reality of a dispensary.

Planning Commissioner and local resident Tony Barrett has delivered a first tony_barrettdraft of a dispensary ordinance to Klassen. Barrett said that Town Attorney Peter Tracy will review the ordinance. He said Tracy will also draft a zoning code amendment to allow dispensaries in commercial zones in Old Mammoth.

Barrett said that this process will also involve a municipal code amendment to add rules and regulations for marijuana dispensaries.

The process may involve the Mammoth Planning Commission and Town Council and then on to a public vote. Klassen is ready for a campaign. He was very active in the successful vote against fluoride in Mammoth Lakes.

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