Mammoth budget cuts suspended two more weeks

Written by Lara Kirkner

At a meeting where many were holding their breath wondering what type of employee cuts the Mammoth Lakes Town Council was going to announce in order to deal with their $1 million revenue shortage, the declaration that Council was not yet ready to act was a letdown as well as a relief; a letdown because the agony of the unknown will have to continue for two more weeks and a relief because no one has lost their job, yet.

Town Manager Rob Clark expressed that good progress was being made toward a solution for dealing with the $1 million shortfall, but stopped there.

At this time no information is being released, added Mayor Wendy Sugimura. We have, however, received a memo regarding negotiations, which will be discussed at the December 17 meeting at which time we will have to make tough choices and be clear about priorities.

President of the General Employees Association, Johnny Goetz expressed, on behalf of the Association, their thanks to everyone who was participating in the process.

We hope that Council will examine and process all options, Goetz added.

Rumors have been spreading throughout the community that the Town will implement a Black Monday of their own and cut somewhere between 8 and 12 employees, but nothing was verified at last nights meeting. The Town Council held two closed session meetings this week to discuss the situation and will most likely have more before the 17th.


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