Photo courtesy of Jim Barnes

The 7th Annual Mammoth Winter Biathlon is history. And, what history you all made. Our best yet.

Thank you Mike and Kim. You supplied the vision, the perseverance, and the hard work to make it all happen. Without you, no biathlon. Thank you.

Thank you everyone. Sponsors, supporters, racers, parents, volunteers, partner organizations, elite athletes. Thank you everyone. You are all a critical part of our biathlon community. You are the greatest. Without you, no biathlon.

Results are posted:

Congratulations to the winners. Which means congratulations to everyone. Whatever your contribution to the biathlon, whether you raced or not, you are all winners.

Mark Cavendish: “When you surround yourself with the best people for you, you will get the best out of yourself.”

You all are the best.
Next up, the Mammoth Marathon at Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center. Sunday, 6 April. Call the Ski Center for information: 760-934-2442
Ski Exuberantly,

In the next few days, please check our website at and our Facebook page for updates regarding photos from the event.

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