bears-in-campgroundsFor bears, spring amounts to a wake-up call. In Mammoth Lakes the alarm has sounded and the bears have gone to work to get food. Mammoth police issued a reminder that the bears are back and people need to follow the rules.

The Town’s Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles and the MLPD say people need to “Keep Wildlife Wild”. Don’t let bears grow dependent on human food. Some of the rules:

Never feed wildlife or leave food out for bears and other wild animals.

Securely store food in an airtight container. When camping, use a bear-proof box.

Don’t leave food, even in a cooler, car, tent or other unsecured location.

Don’t leave pet food outdoors.

Deposit trash in a bear proof trash can or dumpster.

Keep you car locked and garage door closed.

Close and lock ground floor windows when no one is home.

Police say if you see a bear trying to get into a trash dumpster, vehicle or building, call 911 right away. Enjoy seeing the bears and remember they are shy. If you feel threatened, yell or bang on something to scare the bear away. If a bear enters a structure with you inside, make a lot of noise and go into another room. The bear will be very frightened and likely leave.

Another reminder – wildlife are now on the move, including deer. Watch for them crossing roadways. For more information, call Steve Searles at 937-BEAR or Lieutenant John Mair at 934-2011.

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