mltc1_23Tuesday, the Mammoth Town Council met in a special meeting closed session with Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht. The agenda says the session was to “consider evaluation of a public employee: Town Manager.” Council members have so far declined to comment. Another special meeting closed session with Wilbrecht is now scheduled for Thursday at 3pm. That agenda says the Council will consider appointment of a Town Manager. It also says the Council will consider “discipline/ dismissal/ release of a public employee.”

When asked about the closed session and the status of the Town Manager, Mayor Matthew Lehman said, “I can’t comment on anything right now.”

Mayor Pro Tem Rick Wood said there would be further review of the Town Manager on Thursday. Asked if Mr. Wilbrecht were leaving Town employ or changing his job in some way, Wood said, “I can’t confirm or deny that. It’s up to him.”

Wood said he knows there are a lot of rumors and speculation, but he said the Council is “evaluating the Town Manager as we normally do and should, particularly now with the events of the last year. We’re evaluating his performance,” said Wood.

Wood said the Council is having conversations with and about the Town Manager. He said, “It relates to his role in the re-structuring we’re going through. The re-structuring is causing a lot of anxiety.” Wood said the five-year budget approved is the final story. He said the Town told the Bankruptcy Judge that they would look at the Town and “get the most bang for the buck.” Wood said the process has been painful but productive.

We have placed calls to Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht, and at news time had not heard back.

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