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It isn’t easy when you lose the champion of a cause, especially when it’s Dr. Mike Karch, a man with more energy and passion than mere mortals should have.


That, plus having to cancel the event last year due to lack of snow made the few of us at the helm wonder if we could pull off a successful event. But when you live in Mammoth and you put out the call, people step forward to give a hand. And that’s what happened to make the 2016 Mammoth Biathlon a great success. 100+ registered racers from age 7 to 74. Athletes from Seattle, Idaho and Utah joined local competitors for two days of racing, from first-timers to elite.

In less than a weeks’ time, the Reds Lake area was transformed from a remote backcountry area to a beautiful race course with a 10-lane shooting range to host the challenging sport of biathlon. We were blessed with great weather; kids, families and adults enjoyed an atmosphere of friendly competition, and by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, it was back to the way we found it.

Special thanks to the 75+ volunteers it takes to pull off such an event. We couldn’t have done it without Jeff Perry, Chris Thompson, Tom, Michelle & Spencer Reid, Clayton & Aleks Mendel, Roy Moyer, Al Davis, Steve Searles, Nicole Godoy, Dave Schacht, Tabby, Dave & Hayden Mannetter, Rita Kirkeby, Sue Stalvo, Shannon Bagshaw, Kathy Copeland, Maggy Palchak and the other DSES Staff and Volunteers, Mammoth Mtn Ski Patrol, Wayne Wong & the other Backcountry Nordic Ski Patrol members, Clifford Mann, Mark Brownlie, Greg Sorensen, Ueli Luthi, Phil Romero, Caroline Casey, Michelle Tomaier, TJ Dawoyd, Jeff & Carly Smith, Rick & Vicky Phelps, Jamie Godoy, Tyler Searles, Connor Kusomoto, Calvin Forsythe, Trace Calvin, The Mahler Family, Lisa & Alexia Craven & Family, Charlie Sullivan, Carson Bold, Robert Creasy, Jen Holmes, Lance & Rachel Georgeson, David Page, Paul & Annie Linaweaver, Keith Ericsson, Chris Walker, Kim Frank, Darryl Lazar, Stu Need, Drea Perry, Judy Burgenbauch, Robin Morning, Andrea Fazio, Britt Cogan, Lorene Samoska, Michael Seiffert, Paul Osterhues, Angela Linghu, Gary Sill, Sheryl Saari, Tucker Barksdale, Kelly Hawtrey, Karen Smart, Sherry & Bill Taylor, Jeremy Joico, Scott Kusumoto, Greg Bissonette, Scott Walker, and any others who stepped up in the days of, you know who you are.

Also, thanks to the loyal sponsors who supported the event: Boyer Construction, DSES, Epic Air, Hertz Rental Car, Kelly Painting, Mammoth Emergency Physicians, Mammoth Hospital, Mammoth Orthopedic Institute, Mammoth Lions Club, Mammoth Mountain RV Park, Nevados Restaurant, Petra’s Bistro & Wine Bar, Presson Construction, Tony Romo, Roberto’s Mexican Café, The Sheet News, Silver Lake Resort, Dr. Don Striplin, & Thai’d Up Restaurant.

Don’t forget the Mammoth Marathon this Sunday, April 3rd at Tamarack. Distances include full and half marathon, Junior’s 10K and Kid’s 3K. If you aren’t racing, consider volunteering. Contact Alana Levin, [email protected], for more information.

If you made it home with your bib, please respond to this email for return information.


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