Letter to the editor: Supervisor makes candidacy official

IFDear residents of District #1,

My name is Larry Johnston and I am seeking re-election for a second term on the Mono County Board of Supervisors, representing District #1 in the heart of Mammoth Lakes.

I stand for frugal and efficient government, creative thinking, and rational decision-making.  During the past three years I have helped lead efforts to eliminate overgenerous management benefits, to halt the nearly $1 million per year drain on the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund, to create a Construction Stimulus Plan and to abolish the ill-conceived Development Impact Fee (DIF) program, among other initiatives. Through my participation on the local Air Board, over $80,000 has been provided directly to the Town for updating its Air Quality plan. And, to allow for greater input to County government, I have championed permanently establishing 1/3 of the Supervisors’ meetings here in Mammoth Lakes.

I will continue to be a strong advocate for regional tourism and diversification of our economy with environmentally compatible enterprises. Additionally, I support funding for regional air service, various special events – including the fireworks program, youth and cultural activities, and collaborative opportunities with the Town.  I also will continue to encourage well-planned workforce housing.

It is my sincere intention to seek additional efficiencies in all areas of government and look forward to your ideas on how to serve you better.  I truly believe that citizens want to be proud of their government and I will always strive to move toward that goal.

Contact: 760-914-0826 or [email protected]


Larry K. Johnston

Supervisor, District #1


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John Doe Citizen
John Doe Citizen
8 years ago

Some might view nearly $50K a year for a part-time job (2 meetings per month) as “overgenerous.” Larry.

Are you going to push for a reduction in salary for Mono County Supervisors to make things more “frugal?”

If not – why not?

Money where the mouth is
Money where the mouth is
8 years ago

Mr. Johnston, When you speak of “efforts to eliminate overgenerous management benefits,” are you planning to return to we taxpayers and constituents any portion of the combined salaries you and your wife both received as public servants? Or do you not deem these personal amounts as “overgenerous? Thank you, A… Read more »

Plan of action, please
Plan of action, please
8 years ago

Mr. Johnston,

Since the majority of your district is comprised of Hispanic constituents, just what is it you will do to assist them? I don’t recall any action by you previously in this regard.