Main St.-Minaret Collision in Mammoth Lakes

In Mammoth Lakes a collision in a main intersection caused some problems. Saturday night close to 8:30pm it was a case of “he said- he said.”


Photo by Cleland Hoff

Cleland Hoff was on scene after two vehicles collided at the intersection of Minaret and Highway 203. Mammoth Police Sergeant Karen Smart said that both drivers swore they had the green light. No other witnesses stopped, so police had no independent confirmation of what really happened.

Sergeant Smart said one driver claimed he had the green light to turn left from Main St. to Minaret. The other driver, coming downhill on Lake Mary Road, swore he had the green light to go straight. Sergeant Smart said they both tried to swerve to miss each other but collided.

Intoxication, officers said, was not an issue. So, it was kind of a mess on a Saturday night in Mammoth.

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