Main St. Independence: Under Construction

News from Inyo County and Caltrans on what will transpire in the town of Independence where Granite Construction works on a highway widening project and sidewalks.indy_roads.jpg

Inyo County says that the street lights along US 395 in Independdence will be taken out of service starting this week. Where possible, temporary lighting will be provided. Inyo County officials said that the removal of the street lighting is necessary to construct new sidewalk, curb and gutters along the highway right of way. The existing 30 foot high steel overhead pole lighting will be replaced with approximately 10-foot high pre-cast concrete poles, which will be similar to those in front of the Inyo Courthouse. The level of lighting along the highway corridor will change when the construction is complete.

Caltrans said that today, traffic through Independence will shift to the west side of US 395 during the next stage of work so that construction of the new roadway, sidewalk, drainage, and lighting can take place on the east side of the roadway. Access to Independence businesses will remain uninterrupted.

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