Lower Owens River Levels Edge Higher

In the past week, flows into the Lower Owens River have slowly edged up.
This morning, DWP workers stood at the edge of the river on Mazourka Canyon Rd. outside Independence.

The men checked a flow meter above the river. They said sensors inside the big culverts register the flow. They were there to double-check the meter and make sure the Department could record accurate flows as they go up this week.

Since December of 2006, 40 cubic feet per second water flow has coursed through the Lower Owens. Last week, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa flew up to the aqueduct intake point near Black Rock to officially release seasonal high flows.

At the high point, around 200 cfs will flow down the river temporarily. The high flows are designed to mimic seasonal snowmelt and to provide water to areas around the river for growth of habitat.

The Mazourka Canyon Rd. location did show pooled areas around the river bed. Some sources said that DWP would monitor a number of areas for potential flooding as the high point of water flow draws near.

Low areas that could potentially flood include the Mazourka Canyon Rd. location and a few other low point roads. Highway 395 south of Alabama Gates could also see shallow floods.

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