Los Angeles Times: McCoy’s New Calling

The man who still captures headlines in major media. Dave McCoy stands out in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times, featured in the main section.mcoy-latimes

The sub-head to the story by reporter Louis Sahagun says, “Dave McCoy, the elder statesman of the California ski industry, is exploring the world through the camera.”

Sahagun writes that four years ago, Dave McCoy’s friends bought him a digital camera to help him stay active after the sale of Mammoth Mountain. McCoy is not a man who just “fills his time.” The story says McCoy found a new calling.

The story says that at 94, McCoy has archived literally hundreds of thousands of photographs in his home computer. If you’ve wondered what McCoy does these days, the Times story says he prowls the 5,000 miles of backcountry roads several days each week on his ATV and his cameras that he calls “his six-shooters.”

Roma McCoy is quoted as saying that photography has made a young man out of Dave again. His photos have gone on display, and art collectors have bought them. He is quoted as saying that each morning he thanks the Lord, puts his feet on the floor, grabs his coat and camera, jumps into the Rhino and goes to see what’s out there.

(Check out the story at www.latimes.com)

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