Scam Alert HHSTaxpayers should be on the lookout for new variations of tax-related scams from people identifying themselves as being with the IRS or Social Security, especially this time of year.

In the latest twist on a scam related to Social Security numbers, scammers claim to be able to suspend or cancel your Social Security Number or account. It’s yet another attempt by con artists to frighten people into returning ‘robocall’ voicemails. With tax refund and stimulus checks being sent to taxpayers, the scammers are pulling out all the stops to find a way to steal your money.

Scammers may mention overdue taxes in addition to threatening to cancel your SSN. Don’t be fooled! If you receive a call threatening to suspend your SSN for an unpaid tax bill, hang up.

If you are getting robocalls from the IRS or Social Security, make no mistake about it…it is a scam, a con job.

Taxpayers should never give out sensitive information over the phone unless they are positive they know the caller is legitimate. When in doubt –hang up. Here are some telltale signs of the scam. The IRS, its authorized private collection agencies, and Social Security will never:

  • Call to demand immediate payment using a specific payment method such as a prepaid debit card, iTunes gift card or wire transfer. The IRS does not use these methods for tax payments.
  • Ask a taxpayer to make a payment to a person or organization other than the U.S. Treasury.
  • Threaten to immediately bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have the taxpayer arrested for not paying.
  • Demand taxes be paid without giving the taxpayer the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed.

Taxpayers who don’t owe taxes and have no reason to think they do, should:

  • Report the call to the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission.

The IRS and Social Security will never call you at home without you first making an appointment with them first.

Please.Be.Careful.  If you mistakenly pick up the phone, as soon as you hear the message, HANG UP! Tell your friends about these fake calls as well.


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