Lone Pine Man Seeks Board Support for Land Policies

The Inyo County General Plan states as a goal that no more private land should go into public agency ownership. In a county that already claims only a sliver of private land on the tax rolls, the loss of any of that means a loss of revenue for county government and a loss of vitality to the towns.

Scott Palamar of Lone Pine recognized the need to hold onto private land. He wrote a petition when it went public that DWP might acquire more than 100 acres on Oak Creek north of Independence.

Palamar’s petition notes that the lack of “developable, affordable property has a stranglehold on the Owens Valley’s economic independence and sustainability.” He points out that if DWP buys Oak Creek, the community of Independence will shrink further.

Palamar suggests that LA not be allowed to acquire any more land without releasing at least the same amount of similarly zoned land for development. He has requested an appearance before the Board of Supervisors. So far, Board members have made no reference to Palamar’s petition.

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