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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024





The local controversy over re-naming a popular Sierra Peak hit the front page of the LA Times recently.

In July, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer introduced legislation to change the name of North Palisade to honor former executive director of the Sierra Club David Brower. If this legislation passes, 14,242 North Palisade, high above Big Pine, would become the Brower Palisade.

A group called the Committee for Brower Palisade, made up of environmentalists and mountaineers, pushed for this name change. North Palisade was reportedly one of Browers favorite peaks. RJ Secor credits Brower with the first winter ascent of the U Notch Couloir in 1940, in his guide to the High Sierra Peaks Passes and Trails.

Brower was a mountaineer himself, but now it appears that much of the push back against the name change comes from fellow travelers who like to climb Sierra peaks. Crowley resident and climber Rick Poedtke, has started multiple online petitions in opposition to the name change. So far, he says he has gathered 600 signatures.

North Palisade is popular with climbers, because the summit is so difficult to reach, but also popular with hikers who like to walk up and view the glacier on the mountains flanks, the largest glacier in the Sierra Nevada. Poedtke asks why re-name such a prominent peak that so many have climbed when there are at least three other unnamed peaks on the same Palisade ridge.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is not scheduled to look at this bill again this year. When the new Congress takes over in January, this Brower Palisade bill dies along with all the un-passed legislation of the 110th Congress. Senator Feinstein could re-introduce the name change.