Local Offices Up for Election in June

With a new year, a new chance to run for local office. In both of our counties do have offices up for election June 3rd.

At the Inyo Courthouse, the seats of three supervisors, a judge and others will be up for election. The seats of Supervisors Susan Cash, Jim Bilyeu and Richard Cervantes are up for grabs. The term of Superior Court Judge Brian Lamb is up and so are positions of Marshall, Areas 2 and 4 of the County Board of Education and seats of the County Central Committees.

In Mono County, seats held by Supervisors Vikki Bauer, Hap Hazard and Bill Reid will be up for election June 3rd.

In the Town of Mammoth Lakes, the terms of Mayor Skip Harvey and Councilman Kirk Stapp are open for election June 3rd.

In the City of Bishop, council seats open up in March of 2009, so they will not be involved in the upcoming June election.

For Inyo and Mono County elections, petitions in lieu of filing fees become available December 28th in the Elections' Departments.

For the Mammoth Town Council race, there are no filing fees but candidates can file starting February 11th through March 7th unless an incumbent doesn't file and then the deadline goes to March 12th.

A note from Inyo County's Elections' Department – because of the de-certification of voting computers, all Inyo voters will use paper ballots in the February 5th Presidential Primary. You can call Elections and sign up as a voter by mail.

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