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Eastern Sierra News for June 25, 2024





At the Mammoth Ski Museum, a photo and painting exhibit, plus a book signing and a gathering of luminaries – from Jill Kinmont Boothe to Dave McCoy with Andrea Lawrence in between.

Robin Morning’s book, Tracks of Passion, drew many to the event. They wanted the famous to sign Morning’s book which chronicles much of Mammoth’s history, including McCoy, Kinmont-Boothe, and Lawrence.

Jill Boothe had some of her paintings on display. Paintings, she said, which are actually based on photographs taken by Dave McCoy.

McCoy enjoyed chatting with Betty and Dr. Bob Denton, more old timers in the Eastern Sierra. Andrea Lawrence took a seat next to McCoy – long-time and very public people not always on the same side of the fence, but sharing in their love of the Eastern Sierra. McCoy signed Morning’s book for two admirers.

On display at the Ski Museum, Jill Kinmont Booth’s paintings and Dave McCoys photographs. Check out all the exhibits.