Conglomerate MesaThe conglomerate mesa mining ordeal is a huge undertaking. By both the mining company, K2 Mining and its opponents, Friends of the Inyo, The Sierra Club and many other concerned citizens. No one is closer to this project than Brent Underwood. Quite Literally…

Underwood, purchased Cerro Gordo Mining town over a year ago and now his home is being threatened. Cerro Gordo is literally, a stones throw away from what will be a giant open cyanide pit.

For more on the subject here is a video from Brent’s popular Youtube channel, Ghost Town Living.


To help please send your opinion to BLM before August 30th.

A note from Brent: “REMEMBER! BLM has not approved this project or supported it. They are just taking public comments. They are not to blame here, just getting feedback from the public. So please be cordial towards BLM and their employees.”


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