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Eastern Sierra News for June 15, 2024





With the fear of bureaucrats barely beneath the surface, many in the tourist business and trout-related industry listen nervously to what the Department of Fish and Game might or might not do. A local Fish and Game official said a current measure under consideration by the Fish and Game Commission will not hurt Inyo or Mono.

Last Thursday the Commission members discussed their intent to amend their rules when it comes to stocking of fish. Discussion of the item will come up on a November 18th agenda with adoption scheduled for December 16th.

Locally, Debra Hawk of Fish and Game said that the Commission wants to require fish stocking permits in 37 California counties that currently do not have to apply for permits. Hawk said Inyo and Mono already have that permit process.

Hawk said, “Livelihoods will not change here. It’s only the counties who never had to do this.” Hawk assured that this process will not require an environmental impact report even though a Fish and Game public information officer had said it would.

Hawk said that the EIR Fish and Game had to produce as a result of a lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity did force the Department to look at the other counties for permits. Again, this does not impact Inyo and Mono. Hawk said she does understand why people are nervous.

She added that the Fish and Game Commission does want to determine the time and cost to the Department to process stocking permits from the other 37 counties.

As for the upcoming trout season, Hawk confirmed that there will be no process to clear lakes for planting. That process takes place every five years, she said. So, that will not happen until 2015.