Local Car Club Follows Highway 6 to the End

Wednesday morning in Bishop, the American Lancia Club took off for Provincetown Massachusetts in their half century old Italian cars. Lancia club president and Swall Meadows resident Steve Peterson explained that the idea was to follow the historic Highway 6 all the way across the country.

Just outside of Bishop on Highway 6, the sign reads 3205 miles to Provincetown Massachusetts. Like many of us in the Eastern Sierra, Peterson had looked at that sign for years and wondered what it would be like to follow the road cross country. Wednesday, he and other members of the American Lancia Club took off on their adventure in five old cars.

While there is one Lancia on the trip made in 1971, most of the cars were built in the 50s and 60s. There is one Lancia Fulvia in the mix and four Lancia Appias headed for the east coast. One car dropped out before the rally started with transmission problems. The night before the trip started, one of the Appia drivers got into a fender bender, but with some bondo and a new reason to get a new paint job, the car was ready for the road Wednesday morning.

The drivers met at the highway 6 sign Wednesday morning. The plan was to head to Ely, Nevada, on the first day and make Cape Cod after 12 days of driving. Two other Lancia drivers were expected to join the group along the trip.

We wished the club members well, before they pulled out onto Highway 6, for their trek to Massachusetts.

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