Local and State Election Results

With a whole new way of counting votes, the Election Departments of both Inyo and Mono counties wrapped up the process around 1am. Because of de-certification of computerized voting machines, both of our counties used paper ballots and mail in ballots.

In our counties only, here are the top results:

In the Democratic Presidential Primary, Inyo County voted for Hillary Clinton with 911 votes, followed by Barack Obama with 839. In Mono County, Obama won with 880 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 605. The Republican Presidential Primary went to John McCain. Inyo voted 1,144 for McCain, 564 for Mitt Romney, 431 for Mike Huckabee and 107 for Ron Paul. In Mono County, McCain won 636 votes, Romney-399, Huckabee-196 and Ron Paul – 61.

The tribal gaming packs passed in both Inyo and Mono counties. Proposition 91 failed. That measure would have controlled certain motor vehicle fuel taxes. Proposition 92 failed. It would have set up community college districts with minimum funding required.

Proposition 93 would break up term limits and allow legislators to serve up to 12 years in one house. The measure failed in Inyo County but passed in Mono County.

There were no local candidates or measures in this election.

Statewide results reported on the Secretary of State’s website with 64% of votes counted showed Hillary Clinton won with 53.2% of the vote. Barack Obama, 39.6%.

John McCain gained 42.4% of the vote followed by Mitt Romney with 31.8% and Mike Huckabee with 11.8%.

Propositions 91, 92 and 93 failed. All of the tribal gaming packs won.

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