‘Live-Work Survey’ for Mammoth Lakes, Mono County

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Mono County, CA – Do you live in Mono County or Mammoth Lakes? Work or go to school in Mammoth Lakes or Mono County? Do you own or manage a business in Mammoth Lakes or Mono County?

If so, the Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mono County need your help! The Town and the County want to understand the decisions people make when choosing where to live and work. Your answers to the Mono County/Town of Mammoth Lakes | Live-Work Survey will inform important decisions about housing, land use, and transportation in Mammoth Lakes and Mono County. Be a part of charting our future. Survey topics include:

The factors that were most important to you when you chose to buy or rent your current home;

Housing, utility and transportation costs;

Your future housing plans. Will you stay in Mono County or Mammoth Lakes? If you work here, but live elsewhere, why? Do you want to move to Mammoth Lakes or Mono County? If you want to buy a home, would you buy one here?

Megan Mahaffey, Mono County, says, “This survey is a major component of a broader undertaking to thoroughly assess Mammoth Lakes and Mono County’s housing markets and will provide input to our Housing Elements. The study team will analyze data from a variety of sources about our community.”

Ruth Traxler, Associate Planner for the Town of Mammoth Lakes, adds, “We believe our residents and the people who work here have a story to tell. We want to hear your housing story. Participating in the survey is a great way for people who live or work in Mono County or Mammoth Lakes to help guide housing and other policies.”  

The Town and County are also surveying local business owners and operators about their staffing needs and the extent to which they have difficulty retaining or hiring employees due to housing issues.

Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director for Mammoth Lakes Housing, says, “In conversations, some local business owners share with us challenges they experience hiring or retaining employees due to housing issues. What we don’t know is the extent to which the housing market is impacting local business. The Employer Survey will help us quantify the challenges and highlight potential solutions. We encourage all local business owners and operators to take the survey.” 

The Live-Work and Employer surveys will be available on the County’s website and the Town’s website through May 26, 2017 or can be accessed directly athttps://www.research.net/r/LiveWorkMono (English) or https://www.research.net/r/ViviendaMono (Spanish).  One respondent will win a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card. 

The Employer Survey can be accessed at: https://www.research.net/r/2017MonoEmployers. The survey will inform the Town and County General Plan Housing Elements and the Mammoth Lakes Community Housing Action Plan. 

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Middle Mono
Middle Mono
6 years ago

Filled it out, Thank You