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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





For two weeks in August, a Bishop street is expected be a bit darker, as the Bishop Public Works Department and Southern California Edison turn off half the street lights on a section of Spruce Street.

Its part of an experiment to see if the city can reduce the power bill and improve views of the night sky, while maintaining a safe street.

Officials with the City of Bishop report that for two weeks beginning August 17th, three streetlights on Spruce Street between East Yaney and MacIver, behind Vons K-Mart, will be turned off at night. Officials say that, the primary purpose of the test is to determine how best to reduce fugitive light while maintaining safe and desirable lighting in the area. Turning a few lights off is seen as a cheap way to save money and keep the glare down. The City may also experiment with different types of light bulbs as part of this project and City officials say that there could eventually be additional lighting installed at the end of MacIver Street.

If all goes according to plan, the experiment starts on August 17th.