Letter to the Editor: Thank you from superintendent

RICH BOCCIADear Mammoth Community,

Thank you for your support of our schools and our children.   Your voice resonated throughout these great mountains yesterday as 73.76% of the registered voters supported the renewal of our local parcel tax – Measure S.   Thank you!

There are so many people that rolled up their sleeves when this campaign kicked off this past August and I am so very grateful to each and every individual who did so much to carry the day.  Every member of this community should be extremely proud of who we are and the support for our public schools. We need to continue to be creative in developing strategies that will sustain ourselves financially outside the arms of the state.   Yesterday confirmed that we continue to move in the right direction.

There are so many people that we want to thank for their support, their work and their diligence through those last “get out to vote” phone calls just before the closing of the polls on a chilly fall evening under a full moon.   We would be remiss though if we did not take a moment to celebrate our Campaign Manager Gwen Davis and Campaign Organizer Stacey Posey for their leadership in this campaign – thank you!

Our Vision is to have “Schools as Great as our Mountains” where we will become “The district of choice for families seeking excellence in education consistent with our unparalleled natural setting in a safe, small town environment.”

Great communities have great schools and we are grateful for your support as we continue our journey towards greatness!

With much admiration,
Rich Boccia
Superintendent of Schools
Mammoth Unified School District

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9 years ago

No problem .It’s the least we (the PROPERTY owners) could do to keep the pensions coming.


9 years ago

Congrats to MUSD on getting the YES for S!

Moving forward (read: BEFORE the tax expires again in 5 years) I think that the school district should look at funding “This measly $59″ via a different type of “tax” that does not fall solely on the shoulders of property owners.

From discussions around town and in the media it is clear that the negativity about this issue had everything to do with WHO had to pay the tax, not WHAT the tax money was used for.

The very fact that the entire population of the school district could vote on a tax that only impacted property owners is just not right (again it was not about “what” the money was going to be used – for so please don’t “yell” about that anymore). When “renters” (I am one of those!) can vote on a “tax” that only property owners have to pay and that “tax” is something that BOTH renters and property owners “need” – that just doesn’t set well with most people – and that is what the problem was in this situation.

So – MUSD please start figuring out a new plan of attack right now – (way before this new 5 year tax extension expires again) – to keep the school district strong. – Create a new/different taxation plan that allows BOTH renters and property owners to share in funding the future of our great school district.

Yes, I know that families that own property and those that rent do much to bring extra funds into the school via various fundraising efforts – BUT Measure S only targets property owners and that isn’t right and it divides the community!

This should be a “community” effort through and through – and targeting only one segment of the population, if only for that “…measly $59 parcel tax (that) will produce $660,000 per year to help our school district.”…does NOT send the message that Measure S is in any way a “community” effort to help the kids.

MUSD – be a force to bring the community together instead of tearing us apart – we all do want to help the kids – but realize that taxing only one segment of the population isn’t the way to bring us together.

And a note to us “renters”: when we vote “yes” to increase the property owners/landlords taxes please do not complain when that tax increase is passed along to us in our rents – yes, this time it’s that “measly $59 parcel tax”, next time it could be WAY more.

Here’s to a more secure future for our schools!