Dan Dennis

Dan Dennis

Last Saturday, January 4, 2014, our family hosted a memorial and posthumous “fiftieth birthday party” at the Crowley Lake Community Center for our son, Dan Dennis, who passed away December 9, 2013. Over a hundred of Dan’s friends and acquaintances came to share their memories of him with us.

Most of those who attended would not otherwise have known of the memorial, had it not been for the public announcements by our local news media – in print, on the radio and on the web.  We thank them so much for their help, as we do Mono County for providing the Community Center for the memorial.

But, most of all, we thank all of you who came to honor Dan and so many others who have called us or extended your sympathies in cards and letters. Memorials can be sorrowful events.  But, thanks to all of you, Dan’s fiftieth birthday was a truly happy day for our family and a day that we shall always cherish.

Marie & Bob Dennis

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