Letter to editor: Mammoth schools thank vets

Dear Veterans,

Thank you for allowing the Mono County Community the opportunity to celebrate and honor our Veterans who served in these great nations’ armed forces this past week on 11.11.11.   We all know and realize that freedom is not free and that it does come at a cost.  We are grateful that you were and still are willing to risk your own life to preserve the freedom of America.  We continue to draw inspiration from the heroism and dedication of those who currently serve and sacrifice for the cause of liberty and justice.

We would like to thank the Mono County Board of Supervisors, Mono County Sheriff’s Department, Mono County Paramedics,  the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Lakes Fire and Police Departments and Honor Guard, Mammoth Mountain, the Lions Club, both the Sunrise and Noon Rotary Clubs of Mammoth Lakes, Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, the Chamber of Commerce, the Bank of America, the CERT Team, McDonalds, the MUSD Children’s Choir, the Cub Scouts, Chuck Scatolini and Fiddlin’ Pete for their support of the event.

As we closed this past Friday, County Supervisor Hap Hazard quietly shared with the debriefing team, “Now we know what Mono County does to honor their Veterans.”

With Warm Regards,
Rich Boccia
Committee Chair
Superintendent of Schools
Mammoth Unified School District

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