Following is a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from local residents Robert F. Waggoner Col. USAF (Ret) & Mrs Waggoner NFL fan.
Dear Mr. Goodell,
My wife and I have been NFL fans for many years.  Myself from the days of Johnny Unitas and SonnyJurgensen.
bob waggoner

Ret. Col. Robert F. Waggoner

I am a retired USAF Colonel, with 26-1/2 years service.  Six and half years as a P.O.W., in North Vietnam.  I would like to relate a short story about a young Naval Officer who knew what the flag meant to him.
LTJG, Michael Christensen was born and raised in rural Kentucky, enlisted in the Navy as a seaman and rose to rank of LTJG, Naval Aviator.
He and I were sharing a large prison cell in the ‘Hanoi Hilton’, with 17 other  P.O.W.s during the early summer of 1972.  Mike found a soiled handkerchief, washed it and began making a flag, using a needle fashioned out of bamboo.  With thread from his blanket he made a crude flag.
We began pledging allegiance very early every morning before the guards came around.
However, a guard discovered us one morning and a few hours later performed a shake down inspection of our cell.  They found the flag in Mike’s bed.
He was taken from our cell and was beaten severely all that afternoon and night.  He was returned to our cell the following morning and was a mess.  He could barely see through his swollen face and eyes.
A few days later he found another piece of white cloth and began making another flag.  He knew what patriotism was all about.
Mike is no longer with us, but two of our cell mates, Senator John McCain and Congressman Sam Johnson from Texas can verify this story.
We will not be watching any NFL games until some action is taken by you and the NFLPA.
I suggest those that do not want to honor our flag, remain in their locker room (like children being punished) until the ceremony is complete.
We request this letter be sent to all franchise owners and GMs.
Robert F. Waggoner Col. USAF(Ret) & Mrs Waggoner NFL fan.

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