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Eastern Sierra News for June 18, 2024





Tribal Family Commencing Re-Occupation of Land Assignment



Bishop, CA- Members of Warlie Family announce that we have begun the process of re-establishing our rights of use and occupation of Bishop Paiute Reservation land on North Pa Ha Lane, south of the Paiute Palace Casino. On the evening of Friday November 18, 2016 our storage container was positioned at the center of Block 3 Lots 6 and 7.

Reconstruction of our livestock fence will begin on Saturday November 19 followed by cattle grazing and a complete return to our care for the lots.

The basis for this action is the Bishop Paiute Tribal Court reversal of 2014 trespass citations issued to members of our family and an October 28, 2016 order of Dismissal with Prejudice on the matter.

Prior to the 2014 trespass citations and the Tribal Council’s removal of our livestock fence, we enjoyed continuous use of the Lots dating back to reservation’s establishment in 1939. Our legal possession of the land with respect to our tribe’s land ordinance and customs and traditions are established in court.

The Bishop Tribal Appellant Court REVERSED our trespass charges acknowledging our innocence. During the court process we did not enter the land. Now, our intent is to simply and peacefully assert our rights to use the land as before, requiring our physical presence and the grazing of livestock.

We are aware the Tribal Council disagrees with us and will continue to claim to the land. In the past the Council utilized tribal employees to engage with us and destroy our livestock fence and property. We hope the Council does not place tribal members again in direct opposition to each other.

We urge all Tribal Employees not to engage or disrupt our action. Any intrusions will be documented for future litigation. Having completed the legal process, the Lots are not available for any casino expansion project.