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Eastern Sierra News for June 20, 2024





Wednesday evening, the Inyo Sheriffs Explosive Ordinance Detail responded to the BLM Office on West Line Street after staff received what is described as a suspicious letter.

Sgt. Keith Hardcastle reports that the large envelope caught the office staffs attention because it appeared to be from a California based religious group, but was mailed from Arizona. The envelope was addressed to the local BLM Field Manager.

When deputies researched the religious group on the internet, they report that the website had pictures of the Bible being blown up by a nuclear explosion. Hardcastle reports that there was some suspicion of the possibility of an explosive device inside, so the Sheriff EOD responded.

Highway Patrol and Bishop Police briefly closed Line Street as a plastic explosive charge was used to open the envelope in a nearby field.

It turns out that there was no bomb in the envelope. Hardcastle reports that it contained religious propaganda and another envelope containing a CD. Authorities wont give out the name of the religious group that sent envelope at this time.