OPEN Restaurant Display sign(Press Release – Town of Mammoth Lakes)
September 30, 2020 – To assist retail and dining businesses operating during the pandemic, the Mammoth Lakes Town Manager authorizes the following temporary changes to the Town’s usual standards and requirements for outdoor dining, outdoor displays and sales, temporary signage, and outdoor seating areas.

Businesses operating under these interim rules are still ordered to comply with all applicable public health guidance and requirements from the State of California, Mono County, and the Town.

These temporary operating rules will remain in effect until April 30, 2021 unless otherwise determined by the Town.

The Mammoth Lakes Town Council adopted a declaration of emergency on March 18, 2020 in response to COVID-19. This declaration gave the Town Manager broad authority to act as the Town’s Emergency Services Director, as set forth in the Town’s Municipal Code.

Outdoor Dining
In order to facilitate additional spacing between restaurant patrons, outdoor parking areas may be used as temporary outdoor dining until this emergency order is rescinded. The outdoor dining shall comply with all provisions of Zoning Code Section 17.52.220 with the
exceptions as noted below:

• 17.52.220.C.5. – Outdoor dining areas shall not encroach into required parking areas, shall not obstruct pedestrian traffic, and shall not create traffic hazards.
• 17.52.220.D.1. – Outdoor dining areas may be located in setback areas but shall maintain a minimum five-foot setback to property lines or parking lots; however, no outdoor dining area shall encroach into a setback abutting a residential zone.

Outdoor dining areas will comply with state and local Public Health Orders and applicable public safety requirements of the Town and Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District.

Outdoor Display and Sales
In order to promote appropriate social distancing, the following provisions for outdoor display and sales standards are temporarily waived:

• 17.52.230.A. 1. – An administrative permit shall be required for a temporary outdoor display or sale.
• 17.52.230.A.4. – A business shall be limited to three consecutive days of temporary outdoor displays/sales per calendar year. In addition, businesses are allowed one day for set up of the temporary display or sale and one day to remove the temporary display or sale.

Temporary Signage (Banners)
In response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town would like to encourage business owners to advertise their businesses. In order to achieve this, Zoning Code Section 17.48.080.N.1. (Grand Opening Banners) shall be modified as follows:
• Grand opening banners for newly established businesses as well as banners intended to advertise existing businesses may be allowed for a period of no longer than 30 90 consecutive days.

Outdoor Seating Areas for Retail Businesses
Businesses may establish temporary outdoor seating (waiting) areas provided that they do not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular thoroughfare. It is permitted to convert limited parking spaces to outdoor seating (waiting) areas.

Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery
In order to facilitate curbside pick-up and delivery, those businesses allowed to provide curbside pick-up and delivery of merchandise, goods and related service are permitted to use temporary tents or other shade coverings to provide protection from weather, and to
clearly designate areas for pick-up and delivery of merchandises, goods and delivery.

Care and Maintenance of all Temporary Items
The placement of all temporary structures must provide for the safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and all such structures must be  secured to withstand wind events. All outdoor structures, signs, banners, seating, or related temporary items must be maintained in good repair and must be promptly removed or replaced upon notice from the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

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