LePlat Case Goes to Change of Venue Motion Hearing

The defense in the case of Louis Leplat, accused of murder, was headed to a Change of Venue hearing Tuesday, June 1. Public


Louis LePlat

Defender Elizabeth Corpora alleges “pre-trial publicity” has made it impossible for her client to get a fair trial in Inyo County.

Corpora filed a Change of Venue motion which says that “the defendant, Louis LePlat, is charged with first degree murder – the stabbing death of a young Native man with a pregnant wife and extensive family and social ties to the local community. This case has engendered substantial publicity and interest,” says the motion, “and has been the subject of wide-ranging dissemination of prejudicial information, thereby significantly and detrimentally impacting the impartiality of the jury venire in this small community.”

Corpora names local news outlets, including our radio, television and website coverage of the LePlat case. She also argues that the nature and gravity of the offense weighs heavily in favor of a change of venue.

Sheriffs’ men did arrest LePlat after the stabbing death of 22-year-old James Rambeau of Bishop. The District Attorney charged him with murder. Authorities have declined to discuss the details of the case.

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