Layoffs For Mammoth Town Staff?

Continuing budget troubles for the Town of Mammoth could lead to layoffs for up to eight town employees. At the regular meeting scheduled to start at 6:00 Wednesday, the big ticket item before the Mammoth Town Council is the budget.

Money that the Community Development Department takes in from building and planning fees has come up $500,000 shy of projections and will double unless construction picks up in the sprin – something that Town staff doesnt think will happen.

Facing a one million dollar budget shortfall, with reduced revenue expected to continue next year and beyond, the Town Council is scheduled to discuss possible layoffs of town staff. Leaving positions open until building picks up in the future is not enough, according to town staff. Staff reports that layoffs of up to eight employees are a very serious consideration.

The council and town staff have been in talks with town employee associations to look for ways to cut costs through furloughs and benefit reductions, but at last word the jobs of eight town employees are on the line.

Town staff keeps the Community Development fee money separate from the general fund, but in the past the council has decided to pay Community Development shortfalls out of the General Fund. Building permits and planning fees came up $1.5 million short in 2007-2008, but the town covered with general fund money.

What will happen in 08/09 is yet to be seen, but despite coming up short with the Community Development fees, staff expects the general fund to meet projections. Of the $18 million projected general fund this year, about $3 million comes from property taxes, while over $10 million comes from the TOT bed taxes.

The Mammoth Town Council is slated to discuss the options at their meeting Wednesday night at 6:00.

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