Laws Railroad Museum Bishop 8

Laws Railroad Museum

Seems like a good day to re-open, the day before the Fish Opening with people coming in to town.

All indoor and outdoor exhibits will be open on April 23, 2021. Laws Railroad Museum hours will be 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, seven days a week.

Visitors are required to follow pandemic protocols to continue to protect themselves and others. For now, only 6 customers at a time in the reception center/gift shop. Visitors will be asked to please limit one family unit inside each display area at a time. And thank you for protecting your fellow humans by respecting physical distancing and wearing masks.

Laws Museum and Historical Site is honored to be here to preserve the rich history of the Owens Valley community. The staff at Laws Museum is asking that you help them make history? They would really like to hear your ideas for events you would like to see take place at the museum.

Laws good ol days2The museum can increase its capacity to do more at Laws Museum if they have more folks actively involved in helping out. They have many requests to bring back Good Old Days, but it will take a team of volunteers for it to happen.

Call the museum, (760) 873-5950, with your ideas! They would love to hear from you. Email them at [email protected].

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