Larouche Workers Continue to Seek Signatures, Publicity

Still at it Wednesay, the two employees of the Lyndon Larouche group in search of signatures on petitions to impeach President obamersObama.

Wednesday, Alexandra Phillips, employed by Larouche, said that they want to impeach the President based on the 25th amendment. That amendment seems to deal with the succession of the presidency if the President dies or becomes disabled. The Larouche workers seem to believe President Obama is mentally unable to perform so should be impeached.

Their messages are mixed – a picture of President Obama with a Hitler moustache, concerns about economic downfall, about bailing out Wall St., about health care for all.

As one local observer said, “They seem to want to get some exposure on the coat tails of the Tea Party issues, like the Hitleresque presidential image.”

The two workers are from LA and San Francisco.

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