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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has awarded $1.4 million for fiscal year 2018-2019 to 24 non-profit organizations to develop and implement programs focused on improving energy efficiency and water conservation throughout Los Angeles. In this round of funding, LADWP’s Community Partnership Outreach Grants Program awarded a grant to an Owens Valley-based non-profit organization, High Sierra Energy Foundation. In addition to the Owens Valley grantee, grants were awarded in each of the City’s 15 Council Districts.


“These organizations exemplify the best of what Los Angeles has to offer by focusing on energy and water efficiency in our communities and neighborhoods,” said LADWP General Manager David H. Wright. “The conservation partnership grants are one part of a larger effort to promote energy efficiency and help meet LADWP’s goal of reducing energy consumption by 15 percent by 2020.”

LADWP’s Community Partnership Outreach Grants Program assists non-profit organizations in reaching LADWP customers that may not be reached through traditional communication strategies, and affects behavior change by informing and energizing residents and businesses to reduce their energy and water use. The current portfolio of grants was built upon the success of the initial American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded grants first offered by LADWP in fiscal year 2011-12.

Through its grant award, first time Owens Valley grantee, the High Sierra Energy Foundation, will provide information to Owens Valley customers about LADWP programs, incentives and rebates, with specific attention to the region’s tribal and low-income communities. The grant will also support the installation of a weather station in the Bishop City Park that will gather the up-to-date weather information for weather forecasts that may help promote more informed use of air conditioning or heating systems that can lead to energy conservation.

“The High Sierra Energy Foundation’s goal is to inform individuals on the benefits of energy efficiency, and this grant will help us reach many more LADWP customers who can benefit from ways to lower their electric bills, while also helping the environment.” Pam Bold, High Sierra Energy Foundation Executive Director.

“Engaging with our Owens Valley customers on the programs and incentives LADWP offers is an exciting opportunity for collaboration, with the goal of building and strengthening our partnership with organizations like High Sierra Energy Foundation that help us spread the word about the many money-saving programs LADWP offers our customers,” said Wright.

In the seven years of this program, LADWP has provided over $8 million in funding for more than 140 education and outreach projects, engaging hundreds of thousands of students, residents and businesses.

Qualified non-profits interested in applying for an LADWP Community Partnership Outreach grant can visit


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