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LADWP Makes Progress on Repairs to Storm-Damaged Los Angeles Aqueduct, Plans for Next Rain Event

Bishop, CA (March 13, 2023) – A crew of 60 LADWP personnel worked around the clock over the weekend making repairs to the seven damaged panels in a lined, uncovered concrete section of the Los Angeles Aqueduct (LAA) north of the Haiwee Complex, two miles south of the town of Olancha. LADWP is working diligently to ensure repairs will hold through the next storm system and the start of runoff, which begins April 1.

The Aqueduct breach includes three panels (each panel is about 20 ft long) that have collapsed and about four panels that have been undermined.

LADWP was able to divert 100% of the flow in this area by opening the Cottonwood Spill Gate and the Alabama Spill Gate, preventing any potential water damage to the town of Olancha or to U.S. HWY 395.

Due to intense rainfall throughout Owens Valley, extremely high water flows are occurring in creeks, canals, and roadways. There is severe damage to publicly accessible roads, highways, and bridges as well as LADWP infrastructure such as canals, diversion structures, and Los Angeles Aqueduct structures. LADWP’s Aqueduct Division activated its Water Operations Emergency Response Plan on Friday, March 10 to respond to the weather emergency. LADWP is providing daily updates to the Inyo and Mono Unified Command.

As a result of the next forecasted Atmospheric River, set to arrive late tonight and through Wednesday, LADWP field staff will continue to manage the waterways, check on areas of concern– mainly from flooding, make damage assessments, and support additional protective measures on its dams.

Public updates will continue to be posted during the extreme storm event via social media channels focused on Inyo and Mono areas, as well as through LADWP in the Eastern Sierra communications. Please visit to subscribe.

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