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After a wet winter, the Eastern Sierra snowpack measured 171% of normal on April 1, 2019. LADWP is committed to maximizing the beneficial use of runoff water to the fullest extent and by considering the demands of the overall water system, which include customer needs, hydroelectric generation and spreading water to meet LADWP’s environmental commitments.


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LADWP is working hand-in-hand with Inyo County officials to be prepared for this year’s high runoff that is proven to be a long runoff season requiring extra management. All agencies are patrolling waterways around the clock. LADWP crews are primarily working on maintaining capacity within the system by cleaning sand traps, canals and other waterways and getting the areas ready for the water.

LADWP will be issuing public notices on water spreading activities throughout the summer months and early fall, and working closely with Inyo County, Bishop Police Department, Cal-Trans, Southern California Edison, and other appropriate entities as needed.

Below is the latest information on water spreading efforts:

As of July 14, 2019:

Total estimated volume to date (AF)

Pleasant Valley Reservoir to Tinemaha Reservoir

Upper McNally Canals – 9,739 AF

Lower McNally Canals – 9,546 AF

Big Pine Canal–3,388 AF

Arkansas Flat (Bishop) – 1,027 AF

Tinemaha Reservoir to Haiwee Reservoir

Red Mountain Creek – 1,188 AF

Tinemaha Creek – 972 AF

Hogback Creek – 1,085 AF

Georges Creek – 1,939 AF

Bairs Creek – 947 AF

Shepherds Creek – 1,907 AF

Symmes Creek – 761 AF

Pinyon Creek – 1,317 AF

Indy Creek – 1,975 AF

Oak Creek – 2,353 AF

Thibaut Creek – 41 AF

Black Canyon Creek – 269 AF

Division Creek – 390 AF

Goodale Creek – 1,027 AF

Taboose Creek – 1,709 AF

Sawmill Creek (Alluvial Fans) – 208 AF

All agencies encourage safe and responsible recreation and are urging for recreation on calmer waters.

For further information or to make a report please call LADWP Water Operations at 760-872-1104.

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