LADWP Has Plans for Solar Panels in Southern Inyo

In the Owens Valley, DWP has plans for two potential solar power sites. DWP’s website says the City of LADWP is proposing the Southern Owens Valley Solar Ranch project that would create a 200 megawatt net generating capacity solar energy facility using photovoltaic panels.

The website says that each of the two proposed sites amounts to 3,100 acres each. One of the sites sits northeast of the town of Lone Pine and west of the old train town of Owenyo. The other alternative site is located south of Lone Pine and immediately northwest of the Owens Dry Lake. Both sites are located next to the regional power transmission lines owned and operated by LADWP.

DWP’s website says that as a result of the California Global Warming Solutions Act and other bills and mandates, DWP is committed to generating 35% of its retail electric energy sales from renewable energy resources by the year 2020. The site says that of this year, DWP has about 19% of its total electrical demand coming from renewable energy. DWP’s interim 2010 objective was 20%.

DWP also says that according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the Owens Valley possesses excellent solar energy production potential. Their website says that much of the floor of the Owens Valley has solar resource potential greater than or equal to six kilowatt hours per square meter per day. This is a potential, DWP says, that will support commercial-scale solar development.

The website also says that it is anticipated that construction for the project would begin in July of 2012 with completion in about three years. Environmental review will precede construction.



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