LADWP Back with More Power Generation Plans for Inyo

After DWP’s David Freeman rushed forward with mega plans for solar development in the Owens Valley, the rush ran into snags and basically fizzled. Now, the power side of DWP will give it another go. The water side seems absent.

DWP sent out a meeting notice for next Thursday in Lone Pine. The heading says “Owens Valley Renewable Energy Development Public Meeting”. LADWP Power System Planning & Development will host the meeting. The release says that the public and stakeholders will have a chance to learn and ask questions about LADWP’s renewable energy development plans in the Owens Valley, “including portions of the Owens Lake bed. Solar, small hydro and geothermal projects,” says the release, “are being considered in the Owens Valley.”

LA officials say these projects will help their city achieve renewable energy goals aimed at “reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing clean energy and stimulating economic development and job creation. LADWP’s Power system representatives will give an overview of possible projects.

The State Lands Commission foiled DWP’s earlier solar power plans on the Owens Dry Lake. That project went from an ambitious 600 acres down to 80 acres and then nothing. The goal then was to control Owens Lake dust with solar panels, while generating power. The goal now is likely only solar or other energy generation.

The meeting will take place next Thursday, August 5th at 6:30 pm at Statham Hall in Lone Pine.


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