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Eastern Sierra News for June 25, 2024





Good news for the Eastern Sierra – Los Angeles has no current plans to tap Inyo-Mono for more water to meet future increased demand. Instead, Mayor Villaraigosa has laid out a 20-year strategy that includes recycling, water restrictions, and increased local groundwater supplies.

LADWP issued a press release to spell out the Mayor’s water plan, called “Securing LA’s Water Supply.” According to DWP, to meet 100% of new water demand by the years 2030, plans call for a 6-fold increase in water recycling and ramped up enforcement of water restrictions.

DWP says that by 2030, the population of Los Angeles is expected to jump by 500,000 people. This would push up water demand in the City by 100,000 acre-feet per years or 15%.

The Mayor’s strategy calls for real enforcement of City water restrictions, with penalties to those who water lawns during prohibited hours and restaurants that serve water to customers who have not asked for it.

Free water saving sprinklers will go to every home. Restrictions are expected to produce half of the 15% increase in demand. Major re-cycling plans will make up the rest. The City will raise the amount of water it purifies for recycling by six-fold by the year 2019.

Some LA City officials say they are already seeing the effects of global warming and need a plan to address rising temperatures and a shrinking water supply.