Kooky Enough for Big Media – The Fruitcake Festival

The kooky crowd-draw in Independence every December? the Fruitcake Festival. Why celebrate a cake that most find, well, distasteful? It’s nutty enough to evoke charm, is how some put it.

Organizers note that this Saturday marks the 4th internationally acclaimed fruitcake festival. The craziness happens at the Independence American Legion Hall at 6pm Saturday. This year’s theme? Fruitcakes in space. What?

Our investigations have revealed that an unidentified flying object crash landed behind the bar at the Legion hall, and a large, very large, fruitcake floats over the room. Space sheets line the walls, lending alien atmosphere. We hear some participants ordered Spock ears on ebay and got them!

All are invited to attend, bring a fruitcake or egg nog or neither. The line up includes a tasting ceremony at which time the “judges” will declare the fruitcake winners in categories of nuttiest, fruitiest, farthest traveled, judges choices, and oldest.

You can watch or participate in the “fruitcake fling” and the re-crowning of the Fruitcake King, John Klusmire. All are invited to slip into your favorite space suit and start the holiday with fruitcake and eggnog. It’s all kooky enough to draw some big media – Martha Stewart Living Radio plans to interview organizer Nancy Masters for airing Friday morning on satellite radio.

Check out the fruitcake website – www.inyocounty.info

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