Klondike Subcommittee: Open or Closed?

Two Inyo Supervisors have met in private with DWP and members of the Save Klondike Lake Committee for about five months. Some, including the Bishop City Council, have doubts about the ongoing meetings that keep the general public out.inyo_sups_10-6

At their last Study Session, the Bishop City Council did consider appointment of Council Members Jeff Griffiths and Bruce Dishion to the Inyo County Committee. Administrator Rick Pucci said that the Council decided they could not make formal appointments. “If elected officials are appointed to that committee, they must meet in open,” said Pucci.

If City Councilmen can’t meet in secret, how about the two Inyo Supervisors? Inyo County Counsel Randy Keller has taken the position that the Klondike Subcommittee is a “two-member Ad Hoc Subcommittee of the Board. It is not subject to the Brown Act,” he said.

Bishop’s City Administrator continued to maintain that once an appointment of council members was made to the Inyo Subcommittee, “it would be difficult to be a closed meeting.” Pucci said that City Attorney Peter Tracy also advised that it would be best not to make a formal appointment to the Inyo Subcommittee on Klondike.

Tracy recently had a run-in with the Brown Act in Mammoth when citizens questioned the ongoing secret meetings of the Wildlife Subcommittee. In that case, Tracy finally advised that those meetings should be conducted according to the Brown Act.


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